In this workshops dads will learn the techniques doulas apply to advance labor and ease pain.
Other topics such as the do’s and don’t’s of supporting mom will be covered.

Daddy Doula Workshop


Learn how you can be a part of the delivery process when the birthing mom is not your partner.

Birth doula


Coming Soon

In Manhattan


ABC's of

$250 (partner invited to attend)

Postpartum Doula

$50/hr with Minimum of 3 Hours

Baby nurse

$336 per 12 hour shift (7am-7pm) $14 extra per hour for twins

Bed Rest Doula

$40/hr minimum of 2 hours

Lactation consultant

$250 (2 hours) 

Follow up $150/90 minute visit, $50 per additional half hour.

Baby-Care Essentials


Prenatal Yoga

$90 (1 hour home session) studio fees vary by location ($25-$40/session)

NICU Stand-in

$120 per 4 hour shift


$40 per 30 minutes and $75 for an hour. We offer $10 off for now on the first 30 minutes. 
$675 for unlimited time.