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Daddy Doula Workshop

In these workshops, dads will be educated on the techniques doulas apply to advance labor and relieve pain.
Other topics such as the do’s and don’ts of supporting mom will be addressed.

Childbirth with a Surrogate

Learn how you can be a part of the delivery process when the birthing mom is not your partner.

“The Weight is Over”

Coming Soon!

ABC’s of Childbirth

How will I know when the time is right to leave for the hospital?   Is there anything I can do to help move delivery along?

This workshop will address the common questions of couples awaiting their first (or even fifth) child.

Topics will include: Prepped & Ready To Go, Pain Management, Calming Techniques for Mind & Body, Step By Step to Delivery, The Helpful Spouse, Understanding Potential Complications, Baby in My Arms, This workshop will give time for sharing questions and concerns with the instructor and other moms to be.

Baby-care Essentials Workshop


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